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Belle Laide Events


We are an award-winning event management agency producing engaging and innovative event campaigns for some of the most successful brands in the world.

What We Do

Primarily we are an end-to-end event agency in Sydney.

We create and manage all aspects relating to brand experiences, corporate events, roadshows, conferences and incentives, product launches, special events and everything in between.

You could call us the event agency that gets stuff done, but we’re more than that, we are creators, communicators, coordinators and facilitators.

We’re responsible for high profile event campaigns for some of the biggest brands in the world. We’re responsible for social commentary & professional opinions. We’re responsible for things that make your audience buy, sell, agree, admire and respect.

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Event Management – Creative Direction – Technical Direction

Audiovisual Production

Set Design – Event Styling

Graphic Design – Print Management – Presentation Design

3D Visualisation & CAD – Video & Animation

Talent Management – Catering Consultancy – Venue Management



Here’s a snapshot of some of our recent work….

About Us

  • Mark Taylor

    MMark is the Director of BLE and is purely focused on the requirements of the team + clients when it comes to project + service delivery. He is a fiercely detail-orientated, service driven individual that loves to challenge anyone who says something is ‘impossible’. Outside of work, he’s a family man – Loves nothing more than time with the dog, young daughter and his partner Michelle…note that’s not in any particular order.

  • Delon

    DDelon is the Creative Director of BLE. When you talk about detail, creative design and a wealth of experience… walks this guy. He brings a unique combination of design vision, creative knowledge, technical production expertise and project management to the table and that literally blows…peoples…minds. Our boy from Bondi is a lover of architecture and fine detail, also known to us as being pretty much “tequila proof”.

  • Rosie

    RRosie takes up rank as an Event Manager at BLE. She works on a wide range of client events and enjoys the long-term relationships made with clients & suppliers alike and bringing everyone together. She’s sharp as a tack, loves to have a good laugh and enjoys spending down time with friends trying new things.

  • Libby

    LLibby is the in-house Graphic Designer at BLE. Her creative design, conceptual thinking and expertise in print, brings every event to life. In her downtime she enjoys painting, cooking, listening to music and believe it or not, she is possibly the only person on earth that doesn’t like eating Yum Cha?!

  • Ryan

    RRyan – The BLE Production Manager. He’s possibly the most charming logistics guy in events! You’ll see Ryan on most of the events across the preparation and installation of our set and design builds. When Ryan’s not neck deep in managing the event deliveries, he’s busy having beers with his mates (very busy), travelling and finishing his degree major in Psychology.

  • Kat

    KAs Senior Event Manager at BLE, Kat is passionate about bringing clever ideas & concepts to life – hand her a challenge and she’ll run with it…..quite literally, she runs a lot. Kat loves health & fitness, the ocean, meeting new people and apparently has a mean side-step from touch footy….which is still yet to be tested in the office.

  • Eliza

    EEliza has returned fresh from three years of event management in New York City. She is one of our key Event Coordinators and works along side the team on our major projects. Passionate about seeing the world, finding the latest eats and ending the day with a jump in the ocean.

  • Kathleen

    KKathleen is an Event Assistant across projects from start to finish. Her favourite aspect of working with BLE as an Event Planner is being onsite at events and managing entertainment acts. She’s a lot of peoples ‘right-hander’ for project delivery. Away from the desk she works through her Business Degree, and is a concert and musical enthusiast. Now who doesn’t love a good musical?!

  • Allie

    A Allie is also one of the BLE Event Assistants and supports the team on all aspects of project delivery. When she’s not busy being one of our Event Organisers, you will find her head deep in the garden or running around Sydney with her partner and puppy Charli.

As Event Organisers what do we bring to the table?

To us it’s quite simple – creating experiences isn’t about just talking the talk. It’s about delivering. In this multi-channel world, companies need innovative and authentic ways to connect with their audience. That’s where we can help, we produce events that do just that.  Whether talking about your brand, your product, your campaign, your conference or even your client incentive, you need to know it can start with a small idea, but with us it goes far beyond anything that you thought possible. We are all about results. Whether it’s ensuring the event integrates seamlessly with your campaign, creates social buzz, generates positive PR, or simply let’s your audience have fun, we ensure your event creates measurable outcomes and adds value to your brand.

Get it right, and an event can do more for your brand in one night than months of multi-channel marketing. With so much at stake, you’re going to want an Event Agency with a great track record.


Here’s some of our clients we have worked with over the past ten years:


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“Belle Laide Events are masters in creating outstanding and lasting memories through service and dedication that are unmatched.

“Belle-Laude is masterful in the art of communicating with clients through every step of the event planning process, of bringing novel ideas to the table, making the impossible possible.”

“I am running out of superlatives. The enthusiasm and vision, and the ability to keep me calm and get me revved up at the same time, are appreciated and held in wonder.”

– A. Easterbrook, Employers Mutual Adelaide

“Supreme professionalism and exquisite style have become their trademark.”

– D. Carr, Baulderstone


One last thing. – we love what we do.

Why should you care? Because to work with us is to gain a whole team of passionate, talented brand advocates who will stop at nothing to make your next event your most imaginative, enjoyable and successful yet.

We’re ready when you are.

p+f. +61 2 9699 1717
a. Suite 3, Level 2, 2-12 Foveaux Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010.